Marcel de groot

Name: Marcel de Groot

Age: 34

About Marcel

Marcel is an entrepreneur at heart. After graduating from secondary school, he opted for Small Business because, in addition to his studies, he immediately got the opportunity to start his own company. His career started with the establishment of and Webmakelaar (i.s.m. Bun Projectontwikkeling). After this period, Marcel has been active as Manager Salesforce at Merin, after which he starts business again and sets up Nedstone. Less than two years later was acquired and after 5 years has become the largest online platform for office spaces.

Marcel enjoys conviviality and can often be found on his boat with friends or family. A round of Amsterdam or a trip on the Amstel to go barbecuing is a good recipe for a fantastic day. Marcel is also active next to his work and loves sports and traveling. He does bootcamp, tennis and fitness. He prefers to travel to distant destinations such as Panama, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Dubai, the United States and Europe. Tokyo is now high on its list. But above all, is his real passion.