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Why rent an office through Flexas? over 1.500 office spaces online on
Why rent an office through Flexas? Active in 170 cities throughout the Netherlands
Why rent an office through Flexas? A team of 21 enthusiastic real estate professionals behind the scenes
Why rent an office through Flexas? 751 companies found an office space through in 2017 is founded in the year 2000 in London. After a succesful start in the UK the first office abroad was opened in Amsterdam to facilitate the Dutch market and help organizations find an office space here. Within the first years grew fast and since then we’ve become the most popular online platform for organizations in search of a suitable office space. On our website you’ll find office spaces ranging from 15 m2 up to 10.000 m2. This way we can offer every company a suitable accommodation. Whether you’re looking for a virtual office or an office space of 2.500 m2, you’ll find it with is part of Nedstone.

The Team consist of a team with driven real estate professionals. Our office is located in the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. The services we offer have been judged on the Feedback Company by over 482 customers who are positive and give us an avarage grade of 8,9 and this number is growing rapidly. Our most valued charasteristics are customer friendliness and reaction time.

Our vision aims to provide the users of our service with the best matching office space available in a certain region or city. It’s our goal to present these office spaces in the most effective manner. This way organizations and business owners can save time and money while searching for a new office. We bring them (free of charge) in contact with the owners of commercial real estate.

Our mission

We strive to personally help all potential tenants with their search for the most suitable office space. Our services are free of charge and provided in almost every city in the Netherlands. By listening to the criteria of potential tenants we can match them directly with the most suitable office spaces available.

Marcel de Groot

Managing Director Marcel de Groot is an active entrepreneur in commercial real estate. After his study Small Business, he started an online platform for regular housing. Following this he worked for one of the biggest commercial real estate investment funds of the Netherlands. After a few years he noticed a gap in the market and came up with an innovative idea to match tenants and office spaces through an online platform.

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