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About is founded in the year 2010. In a small home office our CEO started the company that has grown out to become the online market leader in office brokerage. He was able to find a gap in the market and build our service to match that what was missing. On our website you’ll find the perfect office for your company. With spaces ranging from 15 m2 up to 10.000 m2, we can offer every company a suitable accommodation. Whether you’re looking for a serviced office or a regular office space, you’ll find it with After becoming the biggest in the Netherlands we started expanding to other countries. These days we've started our next adventure in Belgium and Germany!


Our heroes

Lucie Auzon

Lucie AuzonBusiness Development

Laurie Bertholet

Laurie BertholetHead of Marketing


Elena Gramlich Real Estate Broker Germany

Willem-Jan van Heeswijk

Willem-Jan van Heeswijk Real estate professional

Julia van Ramshorst

Julia van RamshorstContent Marketeer

Thorin Goezinne

Thorin GoezinneSales Intern

Branko Bersma

Branko BersmaOffice space specialist


Banff Office Dog

Real Estate Professionals

Renting office space is not a daily task, but for us it is and therefore we will gladly help you personally to find the right solution for accommodation. Every company is different and has different wishes and requirements. Our real estate professionals will guide you with passion in your search for the perfect office! The impact of an office space on your business operations and results is enormous, so it is important to find the right match between company and office. We endorse this and think that there is nothing better than finding an office where your company can flourish to the best of its abilities. Offices are our business, which is why we make every effort to know everything about it, to continuously expand our network and to be always up to date with the latest developments.

Who is going to help you?

Marketing, tech and data team

As an online specialist in offices, we are constantly striving to raise our profile, make decisions on the basis of data and excel in development. Together with our real estate professionals, we ensure the most efficient search for your new office. They know the market and we offer all the digital handles needed for an optimal experience in finding the perfect office. We do this with a team of motivated online marketing experts, a data scientist and the development team. Together we have one goal: to bring to unprecedented heights and become the largest online broker in the world! Of course, this will not happen overnight, but it is our ambition for the future.



2010May: Foundation Nedstone

Our CEO Marcel de Groot founded Nedstone (the forerunner of on 6 May 2010. He discovered a new way of connecting office space searchers and owners with each other through an online platform.

2011February: First own office!

The online platform is up and running! Leads are floating in and deals are being made! At this point Nedstone is growing really fast and an own office space is the next step. We establish ourselves in the very trendy and cozy office OpZeeZand in Amsterdam-Noord. The first employee will also be hired this year!

2012April: Take-over Flexas and name change

Nedstone takes over Flexas, a competitive platform, and decides to continue under the name This further increases the focus on online and we are starting to make a serious name for ourselves in the world of commercial real estate.

2015November: The first FD Gazelles Award won the FD Gazellen Award for the fastest growing companies. We are proud to announce that we have been achieving more than 20% revenue growth for the past three years in a row. We have repeated this performance in the following two years (2016 and 2017)!

2017January: Start of international expansion

Because things are going so well in the Netherlands, the decision is taken to roll out internationally under the name First we opened in Belgium and soon Germany follows. It doesn't stop here. continues to expand and has a number of countries in mind!

2018April: moves

Due to the rapid growth is going through, it is impossible to stay in the old familiar OpZeeZand office. It's time for a new step and the choice for Overschiestraat 63 (directly on the A10) is made fairly quickly. Here as well, a hip office and cosy community will be created.

2018September: Deloitte Technology Fast 50 is the first (online) mediator in office spaces to be nominated for the Deloitte Technology Fast 50, an election of the fifty fastest growing technology companies in the Netherlands. Thanks to years of exponential growth, hard work and technological development, the online mediator meets all criteria.

2019January: Launch of Flexas France!

Because the concept is popular in Belgium and Germany, it is time to make the step to France. Michael Henry becomes the country manager of France.

2019August: Highway Sign

A big moment. The logo on top of our Headquarters along the A10, the busiest highway in the Netherlands.

2019September: 1.000 reviews! reaches the magic milestone of 1000 reviews. An amazing achievement where websites like Frankwatching and Emerce also post articles about. We are the first online real estate website to reach the 1000 reviews.

2020April: 10 year anniversary

A big milestone in a strange time in which we were all at home because of the Coronavirus. We dove into the archive together and made this video to look back at the past 10 years.