Steven Bosgoed

Name: Steven Bosgoed      Age: 22

About Steven

Steven Bosgoed has been working at since 1 February 2018 as a junior broker. In addition to his duties, and his HBO Business Studies study research into new opportunities and opportunities for on a foreign market. "I am an entrepreneur. Marcel and I have come up with the idea that my personality and skills fit in well with research into the possibilities in a new market abroad ", says Steven.

Steven worked as an investment advisor during his first internship. He advised many candidates on investment property, which led to his interest in this market. In order to expand his interest in, and knowledge about, the property market, he decided to apply for a job at "I think the concept of is great. The existing young and experienced office specialists at reinforce my enthusiasm for the company. The creative concept in combination with the ambitious team gives an extra dimension to the atmosphere at this office. In addition, I think I have a good experience here so that I can learn more about the property market. "