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How to find tenants through

Post your office space

Post your available office space(s) for free on and we will put you in touch with organizations in need of a new office. Daily we receive dozens of requests from organizations in search of an office throughout the whole of the Netherlands.

Office viewing

We arrange a tour of the premesis with you and interested companies. The tour of the office space and negotiations are up to you, since you know best what the different possibilities are. In the meanwhile we stay in contact to help out wherever we can!

Negotiations and costs

The terms of lease can be discussed without our presence. That’s between you and the new tenant. Only after a succesful negotiation and signed contract will charge 10% commission over the first year. Completely ‘no cure- no pay’!. loves vacancy!

Rent out your office space with

Do you have office space available and are you looking for tenants? Then you can offer your office space through the online platform of We are the online office space specialists of the Netherlands. Via our website we generate many potential tenants and bring them in contact with owners of commercial real estate.

The initial contact goes through us, we list the criteria of potential tenants, match them to commercial real estate and schedule viewings at the locations of preference. We put you directly in contact with potential tenants so you can give them a tour of the premesis.

After this we keep our distance and let you negotiate freely with the tenants. Because, who knows more about the office space and the possibilities than you?

During the whole process are available for both parties. We stay in contact with the potential tenant and you to see whether everything is going well and if there’s anything we can do to maximize the chances on closing the deal.

That is why you advertise your office space on!

Frequently asked questions about the services of

I have an exclusive rental agreemant with another broker, is it still possible to promote my office space as a listing on

SUre, that is no problem with us. In most instances the you can bring in your own renters. In some cases you wil have to pay the broker a small fee. It all depends on your agreement with the broker in question.

I have published my available office spaces on several websites, is it still possible to promote on

Yes we actually recommend it. This way you enlarge your chances of finding a company to rent your office space

Will be present at the viewings of my office space?

No, we are not. We stongly believe that it is better and more efficient when the viewing is done by the owner or operater that rents out the office space. You know everything about the property and can anwser all questions directly. Of course we will be just a phone call away and both parties can ask us for advice and guidance.

What does No-cure No-Pay mean?

It means you only pay when we actually deliver a renter with a rental agreement. We will charge our commision after the rental agreement is signed.

What does it cost to rent out my office space via

We charge a 10% commision excl. servicecosts and taxes. We only charge our commision after the rental agreement is signed,

Do you have 'For Rent' signes?

No, we work exclusively online and generate leads with our website.

Do you compose rental agreements?

Most owners and operaters wish to do this themselves, because eveybody usually has their own conditions. Of course we are happy to help you compose the best possible rental agreement.

Who negotiates with potential tenants?

Landlords take care of the negotiating process with potential tenants. We are a source of information and assistance. We are not involved in the negotiations, but are available for questions and guidance during this proces.