Lucas Haiber

Name: Lucas Haiber      Age: 22

About Lucas

Lucas is currently in his fourth and final year of his study Communication Management. He is in the process of graduating and is currently doing his graduation internship at Lucas will focus on the branding of the company. This has everything to do with the good positioning of and an even stronger position to conquer in a rapidly changing real estate market. Lucas likes to see how the company grows and that he can contribute to this. With this internship he hopes to increase his knowledge about the real estate industry.

Lucas is a real social animal. He likes to network and make new contacts. Lucas also likes to travel and meet new people abroad. However, he also attaches great value to existing friends. With his student house, dispute or other group of friends he likes to visit an event, go out for a weekend or an evening out. Originally from Nijmegen, he has lived in beautiful Utrecht for four years.