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Are you looking for a specialist in commercial real estate? Then we will probably be able to provide you with the service you need at a fraction of the costs of a traditional real estate broker. You might be thinking: how is that even possible? The anwser is simple: operates completely online and can thus minimize the costs. We do actually provide a professional service that you just don't see anywhere online. However, we cannot serve you with all the services that a traditional broker might offer. For instance: we don't do any real estate taxations.

How we can help you

  • Searching the most complete range of offices
  • Free advice and mediation when renting office space
  • Offering your office space on our website (for landlords)

About is an online platform for office space in all major cities. Real estate owners and other landlords offer their offices on the website and companies (the potential tenants) can search in our extensive offer. strives to make the search for office space as efficient and simple as possible.

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The difference between the traditional business broker and

The biggest difference between and real estate agents is in the amount of services, the costs, physical/personal contact and the available office spaces we offer.

Quantity of services

Real estate agents generally offer more services than Employees work with a real estate agent license and that is not the case with us. This license allows them to provide a number of additional services, such as the valuation of a building. In addition, they often provide a wide range of services to landlords. For example, strategic advice on investments and dealing with existing real estate. They also regularly act as "letting parties" for the landlord and therefore do viewings with tenants. does not do all this. We focus on the rental and letting of office spaces. That's what we are good at that and where our passion lies! We help entrepreneurs find the perfect office space for their business.

No business agent and yet personal advice!

The traditional business broker always deals with you face to face. Although this can be nice, you both need to make time to meet. We have spoken to many entrepreneurs and know that time might be your most valuable asset. That is why we try to make your search for a new office as efficient as possible and yet personal.


As soon as you make a request, we will contact you directly to get to know you. Then we will listen to your wishes and requirements. Based on this information, the personal broker you are assigned will select the most suitable offices. After you have viewed his or her selection, it is time to schedule appointments for viewings. We arrange this for you based on your agenda and preferably in one morning or afternoon.

The costs: vs. the company broker

Who says that personal, tailor-made advice should be expensive. We provide high-quality advice to companies looking for office space and do so completely free of charge. In contrary to a traditional broker where you often have to dig deep into your pockets for some advice. The landlord or operator pays us and therefore we do not charge you anything for our advice.

The offer

On the supply side, there is still a big difference between the commercial broker and Where we show a wide range of offices in the Netherlands you will not see that at the traditional broker. They work for the landlord and will therefore only promote the offices of landlords they work with. They put these on websites like Funda in Business. If you apply to the average broker, you will notice that the alternatives are quite limited. This is not the case with We are independent and work with practically all office space providers in the Netherlands. This really gives the oppertunity to find you the office space that suits you best.

Wondering what can do for you?

Our specialists will be happy to help you. Please contact us to discuss your search. We probably have a fantastic office for your company! Are you still in doubt when you call in a company broker or Please contact one of our specialists in your city: the Bedrijfsmakelaar Amsterdam and the Bedrijfsmakelaar Rotterdam.

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