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Contract met Pandemieclausule

Coronaproof office rental agreement: the pandemic clause

As a result of the corona crisis, tenants, and therefore landlords as well, have ended up financially in bad weather. Particularly in the hospitality and retail sectors. Many tenants wish to receive a rent discount or even to terminate the contract prematurely. In quite a number of cases it is 'do or die'. At the moment it is still uncertain for which solution the court will choose in cases where the tenant and landlord can't come to a solution themselves.

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Lijnen aanbrengen op de vloer. 1,5 meter samenleving op kantoor.

Office guidelines during Corona and 1.5-meter economy

Recently, many countries announced that the new 1.5-meter society will last a long time, in order to control the corona crisis until there is a vaccine. This has consequences for the entire economy, and this is a major challenge for employers. Many employees currently work at home as much as possible, on the strong advice of the government. In the short term, this is a good and safe solution. But in the longer term it is of course desirable that everyone can go to the office, which also increases productivity.

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This was 2019 for Flexas.com

2019 in a nutshell

A year that's flown by again. A year in which we have made steps in Europe once again. We are making a name for ourselves abroad and that is certainly shown in the number of deals.

The most read blog & most visited office space

- The most read blog of 2019 is: How many m2 of office space do you need? A question that is still unclear for many entrepreneurs.

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Wat zijn de servicekosten bij het huren van een kantoor?

What is service charge when renting an office space?

When renting an office space, in addition to the rent, you also must pay service costs. But for what exactly do you pay these extra costs? In case of an office space, there is no fixed legal definition of service costs. The composition of the service charges therefore depends on the specific rental agreement. The base for service costs are the level of supplies and services that are provided by the landlord (on behalf of the tenant). These costs for services and supplies relate in the first instance to property-related costs incurred by the lessor on behalf of the lessee.

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De huurovereenkomst van mijn kantoor is verlengd, wat nu?

Automatic/tacit renewal of office rental contract. Now what?

Nothing is more annoying than figuring out too late that the rental contract of your office has been extended when you actually wanted to terminate the contract. Even though more and more companies choose to rent their office space on flexible terms, there are still many cases in which entrepreneurs have rental agreements that run from 3 to 10 years. If a tacit extension is included, your rental period will be extended by the same period.

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Multi tenant kantoorgebouw huren Rotterdam

Single-Tenant vs.Multi-Tenant, what’s the difference?

In real estate and brokerage, you will find these terms regularly. Multi-tenant office and single-tenant office. But what do these terms mean and what are the advantages and disadvantages of these type of offices?

Single-tenant office meaning

Renting a single-tenant office means that you rent the building, without sharing the space with one or more other companies.

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Huurprijs kantoorruimte, hoe ga je hiermee om?

What is the average rent for office space per m2?

Are you looking for an office space? Then you probably want to know what the rental price of an office space is. Unfortunately, specific rents are not as easy to find out as you might think. There are several reasons for this. For example, because there are three different types of rents. These three types will be explained later in this article, because they can cause a lot of confusion. 

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