Arjen Andeweg

Name: Arjen Andeweg     Age: 22

About Arjen

Since 1 February Arjen Andeweg, born in Lelystad, has been working at as an online content marketer. At he carries out the graduation research for his HBO Commercial Economics course. Arjen conducts research into the way can increase its name recognition. Arjen started in 2014 with the HBO Commercial Economics at the Hogeschool Windesheim. He went to Auckland, New Zealand, to do an internship with an employment agency, did the minor 'Doing Business with China' in Chongqing, China, did the minor 'Managing Project in Globalized World' in Rwanda and wrote a marketing plan in Marrakech, Morocco. 

Arjen went in search of the ideal company to graduate. After a thorough search, he came across " seems to me to be a young company where it lives, and where progressive work is of paramount importance. In addition, met exactly my requirements, so the choice was made quickly. Fortunately I was accepted by ".